About Us

Who We Are

We are Matthew and Brittney Linville. We're a husband and wife team of combat veterans. We met while serving in the Army in Iraq in 2003. After our service in the military, like many others, we had our struggles. We had to change the plans we previously had for our future. Starting over from scratch and setting our goals small at first, we were able to build on those small successes to achieve greater things. Our first goal was to educate ourselves in new fields to pursue our career paths. From there, we moved to physical challenges and improved our physical and mental wellbeing. Having achieved several goals we are now able to enjoy spending time with our family whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, riding bikes, or working out. We continue to add goals and challenge each other to achieve what was once thought not possible.

 Skier and Snowboarder selfie under a clear, blue sky.

Why We're Different

Team Linville ® is a veteran-owned business that supports people reaching their goals by providing something tangible as a reminder to keep pushing towards it. Whether it is a workout tank for the gym, a mug for that morning coffee, or casual wear for everyday we have the gear to keep you going. Often when pursuing goals it's something that many people keep to themselves, but the power of having a team behind you helps to keep you accountable. We offer those physical items to touch, see and take with you as you're pursuing your goals as part of your team. 


Our Brand Mission

Be the Example, Not the Statistic ®

Our brand mission is to be the example, not the statistic. This came from a challenging time in our lives when while deployed in the military in 2005, Matthew was injured in combat. During our recovery from his physical injuries, knowing some may be permanent, Matthew always worried about becoming a statistic.

As veterans we often hear the touted statistics about veteran homelessness, substance abuse, and suicide, and we wanted help to change that narrative. Our goal is to show that your injuries, whether visible or invisible, don't define you. You get to choose your own path after the military, and we wanted to show what's possible for veterans to be something other than a statistic. This applies to everyone, not just veterans, in that we can all choose our own path and can try to be an example for others despite our challenges or setbacks.

We have set some tough goals for ourselves. We're constantly learning and pushing what we think is possible for ourselves and hope that it shows others what is possible. We strive to show that a statistic is only a starting point, and you should never believe it's a stopping point.

Brittney and Matthew in the home gym wearing the Earn Tomorrow shirt in blue and Start tank in black, respectively.

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